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Rules & Guidelines


Participants in the Rotary International Youth Exchange Program jointly maintain and enforce an agreed minimum standard of behaviour.

  1. At no time should you place yourself in a position of personal danger.
  2. Schooling: The Student must attend a secondary school assigned by the Host Rotary club. The Student is expected to take part in all school activities and studies must be taken seriously. The Student must attend a minimum of 80% of the time relating to the academic year.
  3. Rotary District 9780 arranges Travel and in most countries unlimited Health Insurance cover from the time of departure until the time of return.
  4. The applicant must, on arrival at the Host Club, open a bank account which is to be an emergency fund. This account is usually a joint bank account, of $AUD400, with the applicant as one of the necessary signatories.
  5. The applicant must travel to and from the Host Country as arranged by Rotary. The applicant must return home from the host country by an uninterrupted route.
  6. The applicant will comply with the travel requirements of the Host Club and Host District. Travel of more than a day's duration without adult supervision is forbidden. Travel of any distance or length of time with Rotarians or approved adults must have the written approval of their parent(s) or guardian(s).
  7. Members of Host Family: The Student is to become an active member in his/her host family, assuming duties and responsibilities normal to a student of his/her age.
  8. The applicant MUST NOT DRIVE a motorised vehicle of any kind. This includes, among other vehicles, cars, motorbikes tractors, boats, surf skis, snowmobiles. Should you break this rule and have an accident there would be significant complications under International Law and with your Insurance cover (void).
  9. The applicant MUST NOT POSSESS, USE, CULTIVATE OR MANUFACTURE any illegal drugs or prohibited or restricted substances.
  10. The applicant MUST NOT CONSUME alcoholic beverages in public. A drink in the privacy of the host parent's home is permitted if offered.
  11. Laws: The student must obey the laws of the host country. Drugs (narcotics) - possession and or use are not permitted and any breach is a serious offence.
  12. The applicant will not participate in any activity not approved of by the Host Club or Host District.
  13. The applicant must attend certain Rotary events while on exchange.
  14. The applicant and, or, the applicant's parent(s) or guardian(s) MUST PAY any additional costs relative to an early return home or any other unusual costs of the applicant (including any charges for excess baggage).
  15. Reporting: The Student shall report monthly to their District Committee Person while on exchange and fulfil any other requirements agreed to by their hosting or sponsoring Rotary Club.
  16. Premature Repatriation: The student shall be returned home at his/her parents’ expense during the Exchange year if he/she..
    1. Drives any motorised vehicle.
    2. Attends school less than the 80% requirement.
    3. Possesses and/or uses narcotic drugs.
    4. Engages in sexual activities.
    5. Damages in any way the image of Rotary.
    6. Does not adapt to his/her new host environment.
    7. Commits an offence against the law of the host country.
  17. Public Speaking: The student will be expected to speak on a number of occasions to Rotarians, service clubs, youth groups and school groups, etc
  18. Return Date: The student will return home at the conclusion of the program (just prior to the expiry of the 12 month visa). Travel between host country and home will be by the air route originally used to arrive in the host country. There will be no stopovers or deviations to this requirement.

PLEASE NOTE: These rules must be adhered to or the exchange may be terminated.


Smoking is socially unacceptable in many parts of the world and it is preferable to avoid smoking. Host Parents and Host Club preferences must be respected.

Body Piercing/Tattoos new or additional body piercing or obtaining a tattoo whilst on exchange is not allowed for health reasons.

Respect your Hosts wishes become an integral part of the host family, assuming duties and responsibilities normal for a student of your age or for children in the family.

Make every effort to learn and use the language of your host country.

Join In
Attend Rotary-sponsored events and host family events and show an interest in these activities. Volunteer to be involved; don’t wait to be asked.

Avoid serious romantic activity. Abstain from sexual activity.

get involved in your school and community activities. Plan your spare-time around your school and community friends. Do not spend all your time with other Exchange Students.

Friends choose them carefully!

Do not borrow money. Pay any bills promptly. Offer to reimburse your host families each month for the costs you incur eg. phone, computer.

Internet Limit your use of the internet and your mobile phone. Enjoy the company of your Host family and friends that you are with.

Special Events
if you are offered an opportunity to go on a trip or attend an event, make sure you understand any costs you must pay and your responsibilities before you go.

Family Visits visits by parents/ guardians, siblings or friends while you are on exchange are strongly discouraged - especially early in the period of exchange and toward the end of the exchange. Such visits, if they are to be arranged, may only take place with the host Club’s and District’s consent and within their guidelines.

Abuse or harassment must not be tolerated. Talk to your Club Counsellor, Host Parents or other trusted adults if you encounter any form of abuse or harassment whilst on your exchange.